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Coffee has its own demand in the market

Coffee has its own demand in the market and in this fast paced life, it is not possible for everyone to make coffee and wait till they are perfectly prepared for drinking. Thus, giving your coffee making and drinking experience a twist.

While Lavazza espresso machine matinee is a bit bigger in size and is meant for the use in offices, restaurants and shops, Lavazza machine EP 850 is smaller in size and glove knitting machine handy for home use.

Lavazza has manufactured a special Lavazza espresso machine called matinee and EP 850. Lavazza is an Italian company that is very renowned for its quality and usefulness of its manufactured product. These machines have different features and are both capable of making cappuccino and espresso coffee. The price of the Lavazza machine Matinee ranges between 800-830 pounds and the price of lavazza espresso machine EP 850 is priced between 150-185 pounds.

They are made of stainless steel with all chrome finishings, the other one EP 850 comes with no automatic settings, the cartridge loading and removal of steam wand, among other features.

Lavazza is a company that specializes in the making and selling coffee machines that manufacture perfect espresso coffee, ground coffee and cappuccino for home, offices and shops. Cappuccino and Espresso requires a lot of time when done without the help of any machine

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